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Proceedings of the 5th Italian Information Retrieval Workshop, Roma, Italy, January 20-21, 2014 (Proceeding), 2014.

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Basili, Roberto; Semeraro, Giovanni; Sebastiani, Fabrizio; Falconetti, Carla

IIR 2013 (Article)


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Cao, Diego De; Storch, Valerio; Croce, Danilo; Basili, Roberto

INSEARCH: A Platform for Enterprise Semantic Search (Inproceeding)

IIR, pp. 104-115, 2013.

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Basili,; Stefano, Di; Gigliucci,; Moschitti,; Pennacchiotti,

Automatic analysis and annotation of literary texts (Article)

Wokshop on Cultural Heritage, 9th AIIA Conference, Milan, Italy, 2005.

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Basili, Roberto; Cammisa, Marco; Marabello, Maria Vittoria; Pennacchiotti, Marco; Saracino, Dario; Zanzotto, Fabio Massimo

Ontology-driven Information Retrieval in FF-Poirot. (Inproceeding)

SWAP, 2005.

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