The Semantic Analytics Group is part of the Artificial Intelligence Group at the University of Roma Tor Vergata. The Group is focused on analytical methods integrating Logic-based Knowledge Representation, Language Processing and Machine Learning applied to several tasks, such as:

Content Processing and Acquisition, that includes the studies on technologies for the management of unstructured data and that range from Natural Language Processing to Web content analysis to Opinion Mining

Machine Learning that deals with accurate and robust models and tools for Knowledge MiningText Disambiguation and Web Data Mining

Ontology Engineering that deals with the development, population, querying and management of large scale Knowledge Bases, Ontological Dictionaries through the use of knowledge implicitly embodied in large document collections

Information Extraction and Retrieval ranging from Large Scale Document Management to Question answering, from Relation extraction to Music Information Retrieval

A (very short) summary of our interests can be found in the following tag cloud:


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