LU4R has been released!

LU4R is the adaptive spoken Language Understanding chain For(4) Robots tool, that is the result of the collaboration between the Semantic Analytics Group at the University of Roma, Tor Vergata, and the Laboratory of Cognitive Cooperating Robots (Lab.Ro.Co.Co.) at Sapienza, University of Rome.

LU4R receives as input one or more transcriptions of a spoken command for a robots and produces one or more linguistic predicates reflecting the actions intended by the user. Predicates, as well as their arguments, are consistent with a linguistically-motivated representation and coherent with the environment perceived by the robot. The interpretation process is sensitive to different configurations of the environment (possibly synthesized through a Semantic Map or different approaches) that collect all the information about the entities populating the operating world. The tool is fully implemented in Java and is released according to a Client/Server architecture, in order to decouple the chain from the specific robotic platform that will use it.

You can find more information about LU4R and download it at:

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