KeLP 2.0.0 released

The 2.0.0 version of KeLP has been released. This is a major release that includes brand new features as well as a renewed architecture of the entire project.

Now KeLP is organized in four maven projects:

  1. kelp-core: it contains the infrastructure of abstract classes and interfaces to work with KeLP. Furthermore, some implementations of algorithms, kernels and representations are included, to provide a base operative environment.
  2. kelp-additional-kernels: it contains several kernel functions that extend the set of kernels made available in the kelp-core project.
  3. kelp-additional-algorithms: it contains several learning algorithms extending the set of algorithms provided in the kelp-core project.
  4. kelp-full: this is the complete package of KeLP. It aggregates the previous modules in one jar. It contains also a set of fully functioning examples showing how to implement a learning system with KeLP. Batch learning algorithm as well as Online Learning algorithms usage is shown here. Different examples cover the usage of standard kernels, Tree Kernels and Graph Kernels, with caching mechanisms.

Moreover, this new release includes consistency check methods during the population of a Dataset object and:

CsvDatasetReader: it allows to read files in CSV format

DCDLearningAlgorithm: it is the implementation of the Dual Coordinate Descent learning algorithm.

Check out this new version from our repositories. API Javadoc is already available. Your suggestions will be very precious for us, so download and try KeLP 2.0.0!

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