Kelp 1.2.0 released

A new version (1.2.0) of the Java Machine Learning platform KeLP developed within the SAG group has been released.

Two brand new subprojects have been added:

  • graph-representation: it contains DirectedGraphRepresentation for representing direct unweighted graphs
  • graph-kernel: it contains some state-of-the-art graph kernels, like the shortest path kernel and the Weisfeiler-Lehman Subtree Kernel for Graphs

Furthermore the following components are added:

  • StandardizerManipulator: for standardizing the features of the vectors in a dataset
  • KernelMultiplication: a new kernel for combining other kernels applying the multiplication operator
  • ExperimentUtils: a class providing useful methods for performing experiments, like a n-fold cross validation
  • LibsvmDatasetReader: for reading files in LibSVM or LibLinear or SvmLight format

Moreover several demo examples are added in kelp-examples as well as some unit test in kelp-full.

Check out this new version from our repositories. API Javadoc is already available. Your suggestions will be very precious for us, so download and try KeLP 1.2.0!



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