Submission Guide


Submissions will be managed electronically via EasyChair. A mixture of papers are sought including:

  • Position and Short paper: 6 pages
  • Demos: 6 pages
  • Long papers: 12 pages

We encourage submissions that describe new theoretical models, applied techniques, and research in progress. However, contributions that have been already published or presented in other locations are welcomed. Depending if the authors transferred the right of publishing their work exclusively to a specific editor (e.g. IEEE/ACM conferences and journals), we might not be able to include the submission into the proceedings. In such a case, the work will be only mentioned in the proceedings.

Submissions should be prepared according to the main conference format (Springer-Verlag Lecture Notes in Computer Science). The LateX template can be found at this link. All submissions should be written in English and submitted as PDF.


Submissions will be peer reviewed (single-blind) by the program committee members. Evaluation criteria will include novelty, significance for theory/practice, technical soundness, and quality of presentation.

Publication of Accepted Papers

Proceedings will be made available electronically to attendees. They will also be stored permanently in the form of CEUR Workshop Proceedings , in the AI*IA subseries. To this end:

  • All the authors will be required to clearly state if their contribution has been already published, and
  • In order to include the contribution in the CEUR Proceedings, authors will be required to sign a copyright form.

We will also consider editing a special issue on The Italian Journal of Computational Linguistics ( after the workshop by encouraging the participants to extend their papers.