Some details about NL4AI

Main Goals

The goal of the NL4AI workshop is to explore the area situated at the intersection between Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence. The workshop aims at providing a broad overview of recent activities in both fields in Italy. During the workshop, both students and researchers will have the opportunity to participate in a unique forum where a number of relevant initiatives for the Italian community will be discussed.

Some topics

Cognitive modeling and psycholinguistics, NLP and AI applications in the Web era, Natural Language Interfaces for Human Robot Interaction, Speech for Conversational Agents or Human Robot Interaction, Language, Vision and Cognition, Resources and evaluation for NLP-based AI systems, Position papers on the role of NLP in AI and societal impact, Ethics and NLP, Dialog and interactive systems, Discourse and Pragmatics, ...

Workshop Organization

We will be adopting the mini-conference format for this workshop, on the basis that it is the best way to offer people an arena in which to present what may be as-yet less-than-fully-mature research in this recovering topic area. We anticipate one keynote presentation, followed by presentation of full papers (up to 12 pages), position papers (up to 6 pages) and demos.


Natural Language Processing research plays a relevant role in current AI, as the target of different scientific and industrial interests. Natural Language is at the crossroad of Learning, Knowledge Representation, and Cognitive Modeling. Several recent AI achievements have repeatedly shown their beneficial impact on complex inference tasks, with huge application perspectives in linguistic modeling, processing and inferences. However, Natural Language Understanding is still a rich research topic, whose cross-fertilization spans a number of independent areas such as Cognitive Computing, Robotics as well as Human-Computer Interaction. For AI, Natural Languages are either the research focus of paradigms and applications but, at the same time, they act as cornerstones of automation, autonomy and learnability for most intelligent phenomena ranging from Vision to Planning and Social Behaviors. A reflection about such diverse and promising interactions is an important target for current AI studies, fully in the core mission of AI*IA. This workshop, supported by the Special Interest Group on NLP of AI*IA and AILC aims at providing a broad overview of recent activities in the eld of Human Language Technologies (HLT) in Italy.

Workshop Organizers