Submission instructions

The submission should be in CSV with fields delimited by “;” and it should follow the same format of the training set, preserving the order of the annotations for each aspect. The textual content of the sentence could be omitted, along with the values in the columns of the aspect “other”.

The submission format is the same for the systems that participates in the ACD task only and those that participates to both tasks. For the ACD-only participants, the *_positive and *_negative fields can be left blank

Once your system has produced the results for the task over the test set, you have to follow these instructions for completing your submission:

  1. Create a CSV file which respect the following filename format: absita_taskname_teamName_systemID.csv
    example: absita_acd_UNITO_1.csv
    The systemID fields is used to identify multiple runs (2 runs max.).
  2. Send the file to the following email addresses:, using the subject “[ABSITA] Submission: taskName – team-Name“, where the “taskName” is either ACD or ACP

Participants are allowed to change their submission only 1 time. For each sub-task, a separate official ranking will be provided